Private Lessons, Corporate Team Building Events, Friends & Family Group Lessons and more are available.  Call Jackie at (530) 864-1800 to make an appointment. 
"PhD" - Pool Hall Degree - 2 Day Intensive Course which includes a text book and video series.  
Also: Billliards Boot Camp, Pool School, Advanced Course, Master Class & Workshops
Kelly Cibart has been training at The Chico Billiards Academy for over 7 years. She is one of Jackie's most dedicated, hardworking students.  She is currently playing on the "Chico Men's League" and is also working on defending her title of "Chico Women's Top Shooter" for the past 4 years.  She has also had some impressive finishes at some National events.  She is also currently an assistant teacher at the Chico Billiards Academy.
Gerald G. aka "G-Money" should not be taken lightly especially when something is on the line.  Don't let his friendly personality lull you into a false sense of security.  He is definitely a killer when he wants to be.
Lindsay A. after taking the Pool School earned "Most Improved Player" and is now enrolled in the Advanced Course.   She has the nickname, "Cut Throat " because she is known for being able to cut balls in that are close to 90 degrees and also has amazing cutting skills at her salon, Crucial Salon.
Only half way through the course and their team, "Black Company", Xedric, Ernie and Alicia went from last place last season to winning 1st Place in the Trophy bracket of our Wednesday 8-Ball League.  Elena was able to transfer her expertise in training horses to generating a powerful stroke.  
Such a pleasure to work with such talented and fun people!

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