Jackie Karol

Professional Instructor

* National Champion *

Brand Ambassador 

"Jackie Karol is an amazing coach. She has a natural ability of being able to explain shots and strategy with great analogies, which are often hilarious, for beginning and advanced players who want to better their game. Jackie is able to articulate the use of different strokes to achieve proper position on a variety of shots.  She is truly an "Angel" in the billiard community!"   - Kelly Cibart, who achieved her goal of becoming the Women's Top Shooter within one years time after taking Jackie's Pool School and the Advanced Course.  
"We love having you come up to give us some pool drills and referee our annual Championship Tournament.  Pool is very good for our health because it keeps our minds engaged and our bodies active.  Thank you, Jackie."  Veterans Home of California, Redding, CA

Contact Information:


(530) 864-1800 California

(503) 820-9000 Oregon


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