Private Lessons:

Get instructions that are tailored to your specific needs.  The regular hourly rate is $125/hour.  (If taught at the Chico Billiards Academy, ask about the "Chico Resident Discount".)

You can also take the Pool School (details below) on a one-on-one basis, if you would like 100% attention or can't commit to a regular schedule.  Private Lesson Pool School is 9 one hour sessions (Either $150/mo for 3 months, or $400 if paid up front, plus $49 for New Edition Text Book.  

Private Lesson Advanced Course is 16 seventy-five minute sessions (Either $160/mo x 5 months, or $700 when paid up front, plus $49 for New Edition Text Book).




Pool School (Group Lessons):

Proper fundamentals, rules of the game, etiquette, the “tangent line”, playing “position” using High, Low, Right and Left English, Kicking, Banking, Safety Play, Strategy, Combos, Caroms, Throw, Masse and Jump Shots and more!

Even if you have never played before, this course will help you have fun, be more competitive or whatever your goals may be. Learn from National 8-ball and Trick Shot Champion, Jacqueline Karol.

Structure:  This course typically has between 4-6 students.  It is eight 120 minute sessions (16 hours of instruction total) spread out over 3 months. It includes a 50+ page text book, instructional drills videos, online diagrams and homework each week.

Tuition: Either 3 payments of $115/mo or $325 when paid up front.  ($45 per class drop in fee.)  See "Private Lessons" section for details on doing the Pool School on a private basis.

Equipment & Supplies: Pool School Text Book - New Edition 2017 Pool School Text Book - $49 with colorful pictures and diagrams -   House cues and chalk are provided for free at the Academy.  And there are also a huge selection of cue sticks available for purchase.  

Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit that is applied towards your tuition.

New Pool School Session will begin on:

November - Dates TBD

November 2016 Graduates

Such a pleasure to work with such talented and fun people.

Only half way through the course and "Black Company" (Xedric D., Ernie M. and Alicia D.) went from last place last season to winning 1st Place in the Trophy bracket of our Wednesday 8-Ball League. Elena was able to transfer her expertise in training horses to generating a powerful stroke.  

Is there anything he's not good at?

Ken Fitzgerald is coming on strong and fast.  Natural star and also my best friend. :)

Advanced Course (Group Lessons):

Pre-requisite: Pool School


Develop your Pre-Shot Routine; increase consistency, rythym, swagger and poise.

Advanced Strategy - out-think your opponent

Develop Power Draw & Power Stroke Learn devastating safeties 

Understand and utilize sports psychology skills

Get in depth video analysis and a detailed practice routine

Structure and Tuition: 16 two hour sessions spread out over 5 months.  Either 5 payments of $139/mo or $600 when pay tuition up front. New Edition 2017 Advanced Course Text Book - $49 with colorful pictures and diagrams.   See "Private Lessons" section for details on doing the Advanced Course on a private basis.

About the Advanced Course Students:

Lindsay A. after taking the Pool School earned "Most Improved Player" and is now enrolled in the Advanced Course.   She has the nickname, "Cut Throat Cnt" because she is known for being able to cut balls in that are close to 90 degrees and also has amazing cutting skills at her salon, Crucial Salon.

Sample Advanced Course Drills:

Master Class: 

Pre-requisite: Advanced Course

Description: The term Master Class is typically a class for musicians where only a select talented few are invited.  Skill level varies in the class but they are all learning the same thing and have to perform in front of their pears in class.  

Format and Tuition: This is an ongoing course that consists of 2 two hour lectures per month plus 2 hours of private instruction.  Detailed practice routines, videos and more are available on a website that they get sole access to.  Tuition is $100/month.

About some of the current students in the Master Class:

Kelly Cibart has been training at The Chico Billiards Academy for about 6 years now.  She is one of Jackie's most dedicated, hardworking students.  She is currently playing on the "Chico Men's League" and is also working on defending her title of "Chico Women's Top Shooter" for the past 4 years.  She has also had some impressive finishes at some National events.

She is also an assistant teacher at the Chico Billiards Academy.

 Gerald G. aka "G-Money" should not be taken lightly especially when something is on the line.  Don't let his friendly personality lull you into a false sense of security.  He is definitely a killer when he wants to be.

FREE Weekly Intro Class:

Join us for a FREE intro class held every Wednesday from 6-6:30pm.  Learn basic fundamentals, etiquette and rules of the game and have fun!

Group Lessons:

Get your family, friends or pool league team together and get instruction at the Chico Billiards Academy.

Corporate Team Building Event:

Get your company together and learn some tips on how to play, plus compete with each other in some fun drills for beginners.  

Lunches and happy hour are the most popular.  These events are held at the Academy or next door at the Oasis Sports Bar & Grill.

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