Additional Handicapping for C Players!:) 

ALL C Players get Ball-in-Hand on the 8-Ball.

Clarification and Explanation of the Spotted Balls Handicap:
The purpose of having the higher ranked player spot balls is to have them shoot more than the 7 balls of their suit making it more difficult to run out.  The purpose is NOT to catch them forgetting and then winning that way.  Members of the shooter’s team or the opposing team are allowed to remind the shooter that he/she needs to spot balls.  However, if the player runs all the way to the 8-Ball and pockets the 8-Ball without realizing or having anyone  remind them, it will be a loss of game. 
To help prevent any misunderstandings about how many balls were or were not made, it is recommended that the shooter do 1 or all of the following:
  • Announce out loud each time he/she spots a ball.
  • Mark the number of balls with a coin under the rail under the diamonds as commonly used to mark the score in a race.
  • Write on the score sheet which numbered balls were spotted to keep track.

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